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Shipping & Return

Terms & Conditions of Sale

• Customer Application must be filled out and approved before ordering.
• All accounts MUST have an HST/GST number.
• All new accounts must pay by credit card or “hold for cheque.”
• We sell to authorized Pet Retail & Pet Related businesses only.
• 2% per month will be charged on accounts over 31 days.
• Orders will be held on overdue accounts.
• $50.00 service charge on any NSF cheques.
• Absolutely No deductions from payment are allowed before credit notes are issued to customer.


• 24 Hours notice is required for ALL pick-up orders.
• All local delivery accounts must have their orders into Anipet by 11am the day before delivery.
• Any late orders will automatically be delivered on the next delivery date.
• Prices may change without notice due to exchange/freight conditions.
• All sales are final on Discontinued, Special orders and Christmas items.
• Please use Anipet's 5 (five) digit item number when placing orders.

Returns and Claims Policy

Anipet is pleased to offer our customers a large selection of high quality pet products. We also stand behind every product we sell, and as such, we ask our customers to help us follow our Returns and Claims policy as outlined below. • Claims must be made within 60 days from purchase.
• All returned Product must have been purchased from Anipet.
• All product must be on an Anipet return slip or accompanied with a copy of the invoice.
• Please ask your Anipet rep for a list of vendors that MUST be returned to Anipet.
• Discontinued and Expired products will not be accepted for credit. If you receive product with less than 3 months dating, please notify your Anipet representative ASAP.

Damages, Overages and Shortages

• Any damages, overages or shortages must be reported to Anipet within 3 working days.
• Damaged product must br returned to Anipet within 14 working days.
• All claims are subject to approval by your Anipet salesperson or Returns Manager, Shanna Gregson.

Deliveries around Holidays

When a holiday is approaching, simply check our Updates & News page for delivery information pertaining to each holiday as they approach. Or, you can contact Anipet Customer Service for your delivery date during a holiday week.

BC Freight Guide

(All orders must be a minimum of $350)
Greater Vancouver Delivery Accounts
Local deliveries receive pre-paid freight* on all orders of $700 or more.
Orders below minimum will be charged $25 per delivery up to $350
Orders below minimum will be charged $50 per delivery $350 - $700